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EASTER LUNCH, AGM and other news


Please let us know if you would like to join us for Easter lunch after the midday service (in Nerja). We still have to confirm the venue locally… lunch will cost approximately €20 per head, including a glass of wine. There will be a list to sign at the rear of church as you leave.


The group will have its penultimate meeting this coming Tuesday morning (16th April) at the Al Andalus Hotel in Maro. We meet in the bar at 10.30 for a prompt 11.00 start. Everyone is welcome!

THE 2019 AGM

This year’s AGM will take place after the Eucharist on the Second Sunday of Easter (28th April). As usual, we shall meet in the school room under the church in Nerja. All those whose names appear on the electoral rolls for Nerja and Almuñécar are entitled to attend. We shall be providing our own buffet lunch. If you are able to bring a dish, please put your name down on the appropriate Sweet or Savoury lists at the back of church.


As we rapidly approach Mothering Sunday (March 31st), we need some volunteers to make posies for
that day. Please put your names down on the Volunteers’ Sheet as you leave church in Nerja this
morning…your reward will be great, at least in the world to come, if not this one!

As many of you know, Bill & Jo will be moving back to the UK at the
beginning of next month (April 1st). They will be moving to a retirement
home in Odiham, Hampshire.
Having both been very actively involved in the church since arriving here
from Portugal in many different guises (Jo as organist and member of the
PCC, Bill as Church Warden, and then PCC member responsible for the
Electoral Roll and Safeguarding), we shall be making a collection for
them. There will be a basket available for your donations at the back of
church over the next 3 Sundays. A gift will then be purchased and
presented to them on the last Sunday of this month, health providing.



As many of you know, this year the Church Electoral Roll has to be renewed. This takes place every 6 years. In appliance with diocesan procedure, at the back of church you will find copies of all the most recent information on the privacy of the data that you give us when you fill in the enrolment form for inclusion on the new Church Electoral Roll. In order to become a member of the Electoral Roll you need to spend approximately 6 months of the year here in Spain.

Please take a form/s, fill in the details, and return it/them to either the Church Warden or the Chaplain by April 1st. The new Church Electoral Roll will be published on April 7th.


We now have a land line at the new Vicar’s residence. Full contact details are:

Church House, Paseo Tamango Hill 25, Adosado 7, 29793 Torrox Costa, Málaga (for all correspondence)

Land line: 951 815736    Mobile:  608 695 756.


Currently, the future of further editions is under discussion and I am afraid that there is no Autumn Edition available for distribution. For further information and copies of past editions that may be downloaded, contact:


Due to people returning to the UK and moving elsewhere, we are once again short of helpers in Church Shop. Please contact either Brian or Diane at the midday service in Nerja or alternatively call in at Church Shop itself and leave your details (address is on the back of the pew sheet). Your help will be gratefully received!