15th December 2019 3rd Sunday of Advent

15th December 2019 3rd Sunday of Advent

INTROIT HYMN:  Hark, a herald voice is calling                           286                                               

COLLECT: God for whom we watch and wait, you sent John the Baptist to prepare the way of your Son: give us courage to speak the truth, to hunger for justice, and to suffer for the cause of right, with Jesus Christ our Lord.   

READINGS: Isaiah 35: 1-10; James 5: 7-10

PSALM: 146

RESPONSE: Come, Lord, and save us

GRADUAL HYMN: O for a thousand tongues to sing                       541

GOSPEL: Matthew 11:2-11

OFFERTORY HYMN: It is a thing most wonderful                           364                                

POST COMMUNION PRAYER: We give you thanks, O Lord, for these heavenly gifts; kindle in us the fire of your Spirit that when your Christ comes again we may shine as lights before his face; who is alive and reigns now and forever. 

POST COMMUNION HYMN: Tell out, my soul                              692                                              v


As the Brexit debate rages in parliament and we still await clarity, one way or another, as to the future of ex-pats living in Spain, the PCC suggests that those who are concerned go on to the following website for the latest information – www.gov.uk. There is a Brexit link on the home page and up to date info on how to prepare for Brexit if you live in the EU.

You can always ask to talk with Fr Nigel about this issue in all confidence. Or alternatively, share your concerns with other members of the congregation. A positive solution for all concerned, particularly the half million Brits living in Europe, has to be at the heart of our prayers over the next few weeks.


The Study Group will have its sixth and final meeeting on Tuesday, 17th December. It will take place in Church House, and as usual we shall gather at 10.30am for a prompt 11am start. There will be a Tuesday meeting at the same time and location every week until we finish on Tuesday, 17th December.


The Fayre is to take place at La Raqueta, opposite the Nerja Club Hotel in Nerja. It begins at midday and will finish at aprox. 4pm. As usual there will be a selection of stands selling Xmas goods, as well as mulled wine and mince pies. Christmas carols will be sung during the afternoon, so do not forget to bring your voices!!

All suitable bottles, boxes of chocolates and other suitable items for the Tombola stand at the Yuletide Fair on 21st will be gratefully received at the Church Shop over the next 10 days or so.


This year the Christmas Day lunch will take place at the Sevillano restaurant at 33, Calle Huertos in Nerja. The price is €29. There is a menu on the noticeboard at the back of church. We shall be going there immediately after the midday service. All are welcome!


Please remember those who need our prayers in the local community:-

Barry & Margaret Surie, Beatriz Velasco, Joanne, David, Sandra Brown, Joan Elliott, Laurence Smy, Gill Chick, and David Naisby.

 Psalm 146

 Come, Lord, and save us

 Happy are those who have the God of Jacob for their help,

whose hope is in the Lord their God; who made heaven and earth,

the sea and all that is in them; who keeps his promise for ever.

Who gives justice to those that suffer wrong and bread to those who hunger.

The Lord looses those that are bound; the Lord opens the eyes of the blind.

The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous.

The Lord watches over the stranger in the land; he upholds the orphan and widow;

but the way of the wicked he turns upside down.

The Lord shall reign for ever,

Your God, O Zion, throughout all generations. Alleluia.

 Come, Lord, and save us

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